About Us

About Us

Our Firm

Calixsan Capital Management is a boutique Registered Investment Adviser firm focused on bringing the best returns in alternative investments to our clients. We are a team of experts in investment advisory, institutional and financial consulting services.
"Sound investing requires a disciplined process, commitment to innovation, diligent risk management, style consistency, and teamwork."

How We Work

Our Investment Adviser Representative Team structures and processes your investment needs, expectations, goals, and constraints ensuring you have a detailed understanding of your investment portfolio and its opportunity to achieve high yields.

Our commitment, diligence, and dedication to maximizing profits ensures that clients will receive investment advice that is tailored to their specific needs with the main objective of constantly monitoring investment portfolios and increasing current returns on investments.

Our Mission

Our commitment to our clients and partners:

  • 100% focused on investment returns of clients
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Trustworthiness built-in towards clients
  • Potential High Performance Growth While Challenging Conventional Techniques