Suitability To Your Portfolio

Calixsan Capital Management brings via our investment portfolio and partners cash-flow generating income and new construction projects, that can potentially achieve expected greater returns than the average public security market. Our hospitality industry alternative investment is built on solid fundamentals to weather economic storms.

Profitable & Resilient

An opportunity for investors with potential for high returns for investors, Calixsan Capital Hospitality represents a golden opportunity.

We offer alternative Investment and support in the following Hospitality industry:

  • Hospitality industry private Fund instructor with current cash-flow and potentially above average returns;
  • Hotel investment (both acquisition and sale);
  • Project development and planning consultant services;
  • Hotel asset management via partners.

Hotels produce constant and predictable returns. They represent an alternative to investing in traditional real estate markets such as the residential and commercial sectors.

Targeted Areas of Investments!

Taking advantage of several factors that makes it particularly attractive to investors:

 A strong demand

 A low seasonality

 A balanced mix of customers

 The liquidity of assets