Real Estate

Real Estate

Tangible Assets Availability

We offer an array of Alternative Investment Opportunities in the Real Estate sector, through Private Real Estate Equity and Debt. Private Real Estate Equity Investments are available to institutional and qualified investors through Calixsan Capital Management Private Funds and/or separate accounts.

Why Invest In Real Estate?

Historically, real estate investments have had a low performance correlation with stocks and bonds. Because returns are driven by different factors than other asset classes, investing in real estate can also help investors diversify the risks in their portfolios.

Over its history, real estate has provided institutional investors with competitive returns relative to other asset classes.

From an investment perspective, the leasing and financing structures found in real estate investments are long term in nature and have historically contributed to relatively stable cash yields.

Additionally, private real estate returns are largely dependent on periodic asset valuations and therefore do not exhibit the same level of volatility as returns from investments listed on exchanges.

Private real estate investments are not subject to the same regulatory requirements as registered investment products. They can be highly illiquid and can charge higher fees than other investments.