Innovations That Shape Our World.

Calixsan Capital Management emphasize in private securities of the technology arena. Some of the sub-sectors include multimedia, networking, PC producers, retailers, semiconductor, gaming, software and telecommunications businesses currently operational and or under project phase level 1.

Calixsan Capital Management brings the relationship among Technology, Investment & Business. In today’s global market no industry or business can survive without having latest technology. Technology is the tool through which a business is going to grow.

Combination To Success

Technology Experience

Efficient Investment

Business Experience

Cutting Edge Technology.

We offer the cutting edge of both side of the business, researching new opportunities on a daily basis in order to keep up with the newest and most innovative technology available in today’s marketplace.

Technology is the major driving force behind the globalization of production and changes in the patterns of business and investment. Investment is seen as a vector of production, technology and business expertise. Business, on the other hand, is seen both as a cause and consequence of increased investment and technological development. Business and Technology Investment goes together. Therefore, we are here to make sure you will diversify and get some of the opportunities available to us from the current market.