What We Do

Calixsan Capital Management is a one stop-shop center for business; we are driven by a set of values and an approach to business that marks us out as a distinctive and highly successful organization.
What does that mean in practice? For us, it means delivering profitable growth. It also means outperforming the competition and building broader client relationships. But most importantly of all, it means living up to our goals by shaping our operational and strategic activities with our clients’ best interest in mind.
Calixsan Capital and partners have the business model of concierge consulting services. Our model includes consulting services in business, accounting, legal, and real estate, among other concierge services offered to our clients.

  • What does that Mean?
  • Concierge business consulting model
  • YOU at the center of our core business
  • Exclusivity and personalized one-to-one experience
  • Fiduciary duty to our clients
  • Accessibility and personal contact with our teams
  • Business tailored to give you business support across and follow up experience
  • Accounting, legal, real estate, estate, tax, and financial plans

Range of markets

Individuals desiring a wealth accumulation or preservation plan designed by a professional.
People who are about to retire or immigrate yet haven't had a detailed plan.
Citizens confused with the complicated tax system and its impact on their wealth transfer.
Owners wanting to manage property and minimize potential taxes.


Time to plan your move to the U.S. Let us help you navigate the complex immigration process through the EB-5 program.
Corporate support consulting. Our experts will help you plan, structure and execute.
Real Estate
Support in your real estate needs: residential, commercial, investment. Our partner will help you buy, sell, finance your real property.
Strategic alignment with legal experts to support your specific needs.