Private Fund Management

Private Fund Management

What We Offer

Calixsan Fund Management offers expert portfolio management that allow operators to focus on their core activities, while investing strategically and focusing on generating returns to our investors. As such, our support function varies from start up support and fund structuring to middle office and compliance monitoring.

We Will Provide To Clients and Partners

  • Flexibility
  • Opportunity
  • Capital structure set up
  • General Management
  • Feeder Fund structure
  • Private Funding Management

Private Unregistered Security Market

The proper set up of a fund is a delicate task. It needs to ensure that such structure will help you from the start; support you during the growth phase; and provide enough flexibility to cope with different market demands, while achieving the goals of the investors. Calixsan Capital Management is on top of the capital structure of your project, acting as the general partner or manager.

Your project may need to deal with myriad stakeholders with competing priorities – funding sources, service providers, or regulatory bodies. We will support you in your growth.

We will help you deploy your equity in a private equity fund that is structured to succeed. By using proven methodologies, and careful due diligence, we develop structured opportunities designed to provide returns suitable to your investment goals.


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