Investment Fund Advisory

Investment Fund Advisory

Private Fund

Investing involves making choices – not only in choosing investments, but also in determining how involved you want to be in the process.

Calixsan Capital is here to structure, manage or advise the private investment fund. We raise capital for your project from sophisticated and qualified private investors.

Investment Advisory Qualification

  1. Proven strategic partner: Value-added limited partner and advisory member to leading general partners globally
  2. Prudent, flexible and experienced investor: Invest across asset classes, strategies, geographies, capital structures and investment sizes
  3. Access to, and selection of, high quality funds: With access to other private fund opportunities that are not available elsewhere
  4. Strong secondary, co-investment and direct debt capabilities: Opportunistically utilize a combination of strategies alongside primary fund investing with partners and solid alliances
  5. Rigorous due diligence: Comprehensive top-down and bottom-up analysis of investment opportunities
  6. Deep and experienced team: Investment Team with over 30 years of total combined experience with the resources of solid private equity funds
  7. Private equity administration, reporting, performance analysis and data management: Service provider to all our sophisticated and qualified clients interested in investments with expected higher rates of return
  8. Significant research and due diligence resources: Leverage the global resources of Calixsan Capital Management across research, equities, fixed income, and trading companies throughout the United States and all over the Globe