Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory

Investment Advice. Unbiased.

We provide our clients with stringent, unbiased analysis of their investments and investment opportunities by making available experts in the field of investment to our clients. Our Investment Adviser Representatives are at your disposal. They ensure the highest level of professionalism when conducting the analysis of your portfolio and give the advice you need to increase and preserve your wealth.

Different Approaches. One High Standard.

The major benefit of performing comprehensive fundamental and quantitative research is an unbiased approach to investment decisions. In addition, we utilize relationships with independent custodians to access traditional equity research, as well as expertise in fixed, variable or mutual fund income plus global equity trading as well. By combining these approaches, our clients are assured that management of their portfolios is supported by the most stringent analysis possible.

Research You Can Count On.

Choosing and monitoring appropriate investments in your portfolio is a serious fiduciary task. Therefore, we provide independent investment analysis to assist you with this important responsibility. Our team searches the investment marketplace, evaluating money managers and their investment approaches, styles, products, fees, and performance, to deliver a variety of investment options. Your IAR will work closely with you to align the strategy that best fits with your personal goals and needs.

Calixsan Capital Management is an Investment Advisory Firm registered in the States of Florida and Texas.