The Future of EB - 5

The Future of EB - 5

With the popularity of the EB-5 visa, we observed greater restrictions being proposed.

In 2012, the USCIS issued new rules for job creation in a project. Later, they issued new political restrictions on raising of funds by investors to the capital of EB-5 visa.

Currently, the government and many in Congress want the amount of EB-5 investment to increase to US $ 1 million or US $ 1.35 million in a high unemployment area, or $ 1.8 million in other areas. The way the Employment Target Areas are calculated is also being revised.

This is the ideal time for investors to EB-5 petitions, since the EB-5 visa requirements will be more stringent over time. The status of the EB-5 Regional Center shall expire on 28 April (planned extension) and the recent rules proposed by the USCIS to increase the amount of investment are taking new EB-5 investors to commit to projects.

New rules DHS hits some cases EB-5

Most EB-5 immigrant asks immigrant visas through the US Consulate in their homeland. Those who are in the United States, such as foreign students, after the approval of I-526, seek adjustment of status in the I-485 form. In the past, about 90 days after filing the I-485, the applicant would receive a work permit and a travel permit called "probation". New DHS rules seem to require an "emergency" for the issuance of conditional travel authorization, as was the case two decades ago. This change will only affect about 10% of EB-5 investors, ie those who apply here, and not at the consulate in their homeland.,pt

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